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What Accident Referral Network Will Do For You

  • Guaranteed MVA Patients

  • Qualified MVA Patients

  • PI Telemarketing Exculsivity

  • FTC and State Chiropractic Board Compliant

  • Month-to-Month Agreements

  • Complimentary Clinic Orientation

What Other Chiropractors Are Saying

“We’ve tried other telemarketing systems in the past that didn’t work. Accident Referral Network produces results. We’ve been using their services for over two years now. ”
T. Smith Phoenix, AZ

“Best resturn on investment I have seen from any marketing program for my clinic.”
D. Hebert Detroit, MI

“My clinic is located in an area where personal injury telemarketing is very competitive. I tried hiring people on my own to generate these leads but they were breaking the law saying they were from the insurance company. I simply couldn’t take that risk. Accident Referral Network was the professional solution I was looking for.”
B. Barringer Anchorage, AK

“April was our best month in all 23 years we’ve been in business”
R. Terry Salt Lake City, UT

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Even More Doctors Agree

“These patients are extremely valuable. Accident Referral Network does a great job qualifying patients. I was skeptical 6 months ago. I’m convinced now.”
F. Nguyen Phoenix, AZ
“I though marketing diversification was the key to success. I tried Yellow Pages Advertising, Direct Mail, Groupon, and Website Design and ended up with little or no return. I allocate most of my marketing budget for Accident Referral Network now.”
S. Doubleday Springfield, IL
“I’ve seen great results. Accident Referral Network is a commitment for chiropractors who are serious about growing their personal injury business. It’s worked very well for me.”
T. Preeb Orlando, FL